Yuser Network

Yuser App FAQ

This FAQ is specifically for all the questions related to the Yuser Application its functions.

What is Yuser?

Yuser is a new social platform built for you – the creator. On Yuser, you can get noticed and monetize. You can buy with your likes and sell your content as NFTs. On Yuser, your reach isn't suppressed by an oppressive algorithm.
When people like your content, they gift you Gems. You can spend Gems on select product from merchants through the Yuser app.
When sharing content to Yuser, you can choose to sell it as an NFT. Yuser is the first social platform to let you sell your content as an NFT.

What makes Yuser different from other social media platforms?

Unlike other ultra-competitive social media platforms, you don’t have to get “Yuser-famous” to get rewarded for sharing your content on. We believe everyone should have the chance to benefit from their content and followers, which is why we built Yuser. Big or small, your audience can gift you Gems (which you can use to buy stuff IRL) for the content you post. This lets you focus on creating the content you love, instead of stressing over your follower count.

How do I grow on Yuser?

It really is as simple as creating quality content, and engaging with the community. We know you’ve heard that before, but this strategy actually works on Yuser, because every aspect of the app is designed to benefit content creators.

How do I monetize my account?

We believe content creators like you deserve to be compensated for their work, which is why we’ve built an innovative monetization feature into Yuser. On other platforms, you have to leverage your engagement to get brand deals and sponsorships, and create content that serves someone else’s brand.
On Yuser, the engagement you get on your own content translates directly into compensation, and you can sell your content. With the Gems you earn, you purchase items in the Marketplace (that are priced in Gems) you will also be able to stake your Gems for Gem Diamond (Gem Diamond is an XC-20) rewards.
You can sell your content as an NFT and earn Moonriver Tokens (MOVR). For more info check the NFT section below.

How do the levels work?

We’ve gamified the social media experience by adding a levelling mechanism to track your progress on Yuser! Every time you engage with the app and with other community members, you get a little closer to the next level. Every time you level up you’re rewarded with a Gem bonus, and milestone levels are accompanied by additional features on the app!