Yuser Network
Stone Staking
As mentioned before, Gem Stones can be staked in a staking pool for a chance to have your stones converted into Gem Diamonds. Stones are staked before the next token minting event occurs. A token minting event is triggered when specific milestones on Yuser are met. The metric Yuser will be using to track milestones in Monthly Active Users. For example when a milestone number of monthly active users is reached, a predetermined quantity of tokens will be minted and distributed by chance to users that have their Gem Stones staked. A full list milestones and quantity of tokens that will be minted will be made available before the token release date.

Token Minting Impact on Gem Diamond Supply

The quantity of tokens minted for the Yuser app for milestone events is miniscule when compared to the total supply of Gem Diamonds. Tokens minted for milestone events create less than 0.2% of the total supply. The Yuser Network believes it is important to reward applications that add value to the network and we believe these types of reward systems will lead to long term success of the network.
Last modified 6mo ago