Yuser Network

Introducing the Yuser App

Yuser is the flagship application of the Yuser Network.
The Yuser Mobile Flagship App
The social network built for you - the Yuser. The Yuser flagship dApp empowers creators to earn from day one. No more switching between social apps, donation platforms, and marketplaces. Thousands of talented creators are already earning income on their social interactions and NFTs.
The Yuser App is the first dApp to run on the Yuser Network. The Yuser App reward system (Gems) encourages growth across the App.
Through the Yuser App members can:
  • Earn Gems Rocks for using the app regularly and performing challenges
  • They can give (gift) Gem Rocks to other members’ posts
  • When a member receives Gem Rocks on a post they become Gem Stones
  • Gem Stones can be used to boost posts, staked (invested) in NFT posts to earn Diamonds, or exchanged for Gem Diamonds
  • Gem Diamonds can, and must, be used to purchase NFTs or other tokens on the App
Within the Yuser App reward system there are two types of Gems – Gem Rocks and Gem Stones.


When signing up to Yuser, you start with a 50,000 Gem Rock supply. These Gem Rocks can be gifted to posts and comments made on posts within the Yuser app. The primary purpose of the Gem Rocks is to be gifted to other users on the Yuser Network to show appreciation for their content. This gifting system acts similar to other social media platforms and this is used as the ‘like’ function.
A maximum quantity of Gem Rocks that one user can hold at one time is 50,000. Gem Rocks are generated and added to a user's wallet based on activity throughout the Yuser Network. The more active a user is, the more rocks that will be replenished daily into their wallet. Members can gift up to 2,000 Gem Rocks to a single post with a daily cap set at 1,000 Gem Rocks gifted to a post in a single day. For example for a user to gift the maximum amount of Gem Rocks to another users post, they can gift 1000 right away, and then 24 hours later they can gift that post another 1000, but since the max amount of Gem Rocks that can be gifted per post is 2000, that user will not be able to gift that post any more Gem Rocks.


When a user gifts Gem Rocks to a particular post or comment, the receiver of the Gem Rocks receives that quantity of Gems, but not in Rocks, they receive Stones. In simpler terms, Gem Rocks get converted to Gem Stones once the Gem Rocks are gifted. These Gem Stones can be used to purchase specific NFT’s that are posted on the apps that allow Gem Stones as a method of payment, purchase exclusive merchandise and digital content posted by Yuser, and convert to the main Yuser token called the Gem Diamond.