Yuser Network

NextGems DAO

What is the Yuser NextGems DAO?

3% of all secondary sales of NextGems through its NFT marketplace are set aside as a royalty. 1.5% of this royalty will be allocated to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) which gives all holders of NextGems the extra benefit of voting on project initiatives and how much they are funded from the overall fund.

Should I use other marketplaces to buy and sell NextGems?

When you buy and sell NextGems in the Yuser NFT marketplace, you are supporting current and upcoming artists through royalties that are built into the NextGems contract which go directly into the DAO. Having these funds gives holders of Yuser NextGems more power to support artists' initiatives. Yuser also receives an additional 1.5% royalty of the secondary sale, which goes directly towards improving the platform's overall features, performance and user experience. This directly helps benefit the developers who make Yuser possible, and allows Yuser to continue innovating.
Yuser has no control over how other marketplaces choose to issue royalties. The only NFT Marketplace that Yuser has a strategic partnership with (at the moment of writing*) is Zoombies World and we’re working together to bring you NextGems on Zoombies and Zoombies on Yuser (more on that soon!).

What happens when I buy or sell Yuser NextGems on another marketplace that isn't Yuser?

Other marketplaces are not required to respect the royalties that are built into the NextGems blockchain contract. When you buy or sell NextGems on any platform apart from Yuser (or one of the official partners), that 3% goes to the seller and you are fundamentally altering the funds that go directly towards the community and the DAO. The purpose of these funds is to support artists, their initiatives, give the NextGems holders the power over those initiatives, and benefit the platform and its features. Long term proper distribution of these funds will ensure longevity of the project and will increase the value of NextGems as we continue to reinvest in community initiatives.
Yuser values your continued support and enthusiasm for the project, as such we want to make sure that you have all the information needed to make an informed decision.