Yuser Network

Gem Diamond Use Cases

To go along with the Gem Rock and Gem Stones reward system, users of the Yuser app will be able to use Gem Diamonds for a variety of different things. Members will be able to earn Gem Diamonds by exchanging their Gem Stones and converting them to Gem Diamonds or just outright purchasing them through the open market.

NFT Purchases:

All NFT sales on the Yuser app will be done with the Gem Diamonds. This means all NFT’s on the Yuser app that are up for sale will be posted for Gem Diamonds.

Content Boosters:

Users will be able to purchase ‘powers’ within the Yuser app that will boost their content outreach within the Yuser app. This can be used by companies to help advertisement efforts or by users of the app to help get more eyes on their content.