Yuser Network

Community Guidelines

Yuser's mission is to put power back into users’ hands by giving them full control over their content, data, and personal networks. We believe that artists and content creators should be able to monetize their creative work, and that companies don't inherently own data provided by users interacting on their platforms.
With that in mind, Yuser is fully committed to fostering a supportive and diverse community of artists and content creators. We understand that there are cases where content is used to perpetuate hate, violence, spread misinformation, and promote harm. As such, we want to outline some specifics in these community guidelines and establish the code of conduct for the Yuser community so that everyone feels welcome and supported.


Content Ownership

Content you post to Yuser must be:
  • Original - by posting content, you are affirming that you are the creator and owner of said content and you have full rights to distribute, modify, and sell it.
    • The only exception to this is if you have purchased NFT content and therefore own the rights to it. However, if the content that you have purchased is being shared on Yuser app as a post (not linked to via Metamask where the transaction history is) we still strongly suggest that you credit the original author of the piece.
    • MEMEs, screenshots, social media posts etc. - we understand that sharing social content does not always mean you own every last bit of it. However, since Yuser is an NFT app where your posts can be converted to NFTs and sold, you must ensure that you have the sole right to distribute the content in such fashion. Any content that contains repurposed material that you do not have the rights to distribute CANNOT be stored as an NFT. Yuser reserves the right to investigate and disable any account that is attempting to mint unoriginal content. Yuser reserves the right to reverse the decision on any hashtag challenge or contest and block any user from participating in any hashtag challenge or contest or remove any content from the Discover feed or from the platform entirely if the ownership of the content is being disputed.
    • Pieces that cannot be attributed - we take content and identity theft very seriously. If Yuser Inc. is made aware that its platform is being utilized to distribute misappropriated and stolen content, we will take immediate steps to remove accounts that are engaging in such practice.
If your content / artwork features third party intellectual property (eg. photographs, videos, audio tracks etc.), you must ensure that you have obtained proof of consent from your collaborator/model/actor etc. to be able to distribute and monetize their likeness without consequences. Yuser cannot be held responsible in cases (nor can we in any way verify) when such consent has not been obtained. However, we reserve the right to remove all content if the lack of such proof is brought to our attention by parties involved.


The content that’s submitted to Yuser and subsequently minted as an NFT must follow Yuser’s Community Guidelines. Additionally, because this content is sold for profit by the original creator we require that the author of the content has full rights to distribute said content and (in case of any dispute) is able to prove such ownership. Proof constitutes (but is not limited to) the following: drafts, previous file versions, social media accounts that have shared said content in the past and that the author has access to. Any form of identity theft is treated by us very seriously as we believe that creative expression is unique to each individual and it’s therefore their sole property and for them to monetize as they see fit.

‌Adult Content, NSFW, +18

Yuser does not have express rules against sharing content that’s not suitable for all audiences. We understand that artists often explore themes that can be triggering or inappropriate for certain audiences.
However, at present Yuser app doesn’t have features to filter such submissions and only display them to those who choose to see it. As we work on adding those flags to the app we appreciate your patience. If you wish to post content that’s not suitable for all audiences to Yuser we hope that you can wait until such time when we have appropriate flags for you to use. In the meantime we reserve the right to remove content that can be inappropriate at our sole discretion. We want to make sure that Yuser offers a supportive community for artists, collectors, and their fans. In order to maintain that we need to be able to provide certain flagging features that are useful in categorizing potentially sensitive content.

‌Cultural Appropriation

We humbly ask the members of our community to be mindful of the differences between cultural appreciation, and appropriation. We want Yuser to be a safe artistic space of appreciation, and never exploitation.

Protection of Children

As per our strong commitment to the importance of consent, content featuring children must only be obtained and shared with the express consent of said child and their guardian(s).
Yuser has a zero tolerance policy against child exploitation and endangerment. Any content that depicts minors in an illicit manner can and will be removed at Yuser’s sole discretion, followed by a permanent ban against the offending account and appropriate legal recourse.


Contest Participation

  • Submissions must be original work belonging to the artists. As far as content is concerned, material that is stolen, plagiarized, harmful to others, or otherwise violates the above community guidelines, will not be eligible for a prize, regardless of the final Gem count.
  • Submissions must be relevant to the theme of the contest in order to qualify for a prize. Not every theme will fit every artist’s style or preferred subject matter, and that’s okay, there’s always next week!
  • Submissions will not be eligible for a prize if there is evidence of multiple accounts being created solely for the purpose of boosting that particular entry. Proof of spam accounts is obtained through empirical data in the backend of the app.
  • While you can win a hashtag contest more than once, we will not be allowing the most recent first place winner to win a prize in the contest that immediately follows. This is to provide as many opportunities as possible for artists to share the spotlight and earn tokens.


  • ‌‌Instead of using “likes”, Yuser allows you to show your appreciation for content meaningfully and incrementally with Gems. Each user can give up to a maximum of 1,000 Gems per post, and 1,000 Gems per comment on each post
  • Yuser is all about authenticity and content-creator appreciation, which is why we take steps to ensure that Gems are circulated fairly. Accounts created for the sole purpose of gifting one’s own content will be flagged as “spam accounts” and purged from the network to preserve the authenticity of the Yuser audience.