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NextGems Intro & FAQ

What are NextGems Avatars?

NextGems Avatars are Yuser’s first NFT project, and the FIRST generative avatar project on MoonRiver! They are 10,000 cybernetically augmented humanoids fantasy creatures that live on the Moonriver blockchain. While all 10,000 NextGems were minted, only 4,366 survived the burn and were retained by our Yusers.

What’s their story you ask?

NextGems are the first ever generative NFT avatar project to mint on the Moonriver blockchain. They are 10,000 cybernetically augmented humanoid fantasy creatures who inhabit the neo-city of the Blood Moon. In the alternate universe, humans have merged with machines to create a new race of 5G-compatible demon cyborgs who cannot live without deep techno beats and an occasional glass of a shimmering Crystal Lagoon.
NextGems are vibrant, they are fun, they can send twitter DMs with their brains (yep, saves a lot of time), and, most importantly, they can party harder than any other race in the multiverse and still wake up the next day to get the work done.
They are a vibe.

What can I do with my NextGems Avatar?

The NextGems aren’t just bringing their unique style to MoonRiver, they’re bringing utility to collectors as well!
One example is "Avatar Validation." Whenever you equip a NextGems Avatar, you'll notice a purple circle around your avatar on Yuser that verifies you're an official NextGems NFT Avatar owner!
We’ll also be introducing ‘HODLER Rewards’ for all holders of NextGems Avatars

How do I get a NextGems Avatar?

We’re glad you asked! NextGems will be available directly through the Yuser NFT Marketplace, launching on MoonRiver!
HOWEVER, for a very limited time, there will be another way to obtain your very own NextGems Avatar! We’re hosting a 24 hour giveaway, starting September 16th at 12pm EST, where you’ll be able to select and claim your NFT AVATAR before the sale goes live- for free! Stay tuned to our Twitter and Discord for details on how to participate!

How much will NextGems Avatars cost?

10,000 NextGems will be minted on the launch of the Yuser NFT Marketplace at approximately 0.04ETH (in MOVR token) at the time of launch.
You will want to make sure you have MOVR tokens at the time of launch since NextGems will be minted on the MoonRiver blockchain!

How will the proceeds from the Avatar sale be distributed?

Yuser Avatars are different from other generative collectible projects. We have already developed an app and Marketplace where your NFT avatar can be displayed and sold. That being said, Yuser is still a grass-roots project. By running this grass-roots project featuring work by various artists we are hoping to further incentivize the growth of the network. Similarly, the main portion of the proceeds from the Avatars will be reinvested to grow our marketing power and the community.
  • 20% will be added to the rewards pool that’s used to remunerate winners of #challenges on Yuser
  • 80% will be used to directly grow Yuser and Yuser community

Are you reinvesting the royalties into further developing the project?

ABSOLUTELY YES. Yuser is taking a 3% royalty to reinvest and grow the community. 1.5% of all secondary sales will be set aside for NFT holders to vote on project initiatives and fund allocation. We've been in the NFT space long enough to know that teamwork is the only way to make the dream work. The other 1.5% royalty will be allocated to make the Yuser platform the #1 NFT social networking platform.

Who is the artist?

Yuser CEO, and resident designer, Thomas Cermak is the creative hands behind NextGems. SalvoIn3d contributed the world design for NextGems featured on the marketplace hub for NextGems.