Yuser Network
Yuser Gem Diamonds
Gem Diamonds are the utility and governance token for the Yuser Network and App.
The Yuser Network is excited to announce our very own home crypto token called the Gem Diamond which will be launching on the Moonriver Network in early 2022!
The Gem Diamond will be the primary governance and utility token on the Yuser Network and Yuser App. On the token release date users will be able to use Gem Diamonds on the various different platforms that are deployed on the Yuser Network. For example the Gem Diamond will be used in the Yuser marketplace to buy and sell NFTs! The Gem Diamond can be exchanged or acquired in various ways including purchasing Gem Diamonds with other tokens, buying them from liquidity pools, or earning them on the Yuser app with the stone staking feature.
Other Network dapps will be encouraged to develop their own unique rewards systems to encourage Network adoption, as well as interaction and transaction growth. This will help increase the liquidity of the Yuser Diamond, which will allow for more stability.

Last modified 4mo ago
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