Yuser Network


The documentation for the Yuser Protocol and Diamond token.


The Yuser Protocol empowers developers to easily growth-hack communities by incentivizing them to join their app and then monetize alongside them. Respect data privacy rights and sovereignty while encouraging growth and monetization. Don’t cannibalize your users’ traffic, grow it and enjoy the rewards with the Yuser Protocol.
Yuser is the flagship social dApp built from the protocol up to be monetizable by you – the Yuser. One that lets you earn tokens instead of likes – so you can start earning from day one. No need to jump between marketplaces, donation platforms and then your social network. In one seamless funnel, Yuser empowers you to convert your fans to collectors.


Diamonds are the only tokens in the Yuser ecosystem that lives on the blockchain. It is an ERC-20 like token called XC-20. It is an interoperable, Suxbstrate-based token that is going to be initially launched on Moonbeam, within the Polkadot ecosystem.
Diamonds will serve multiple purposes within the Yuser Network. When launched, Diamonds will be both the payment and the governance token of the network. However, before we get there, we will launch certain features pre-TGE that let our community earn Diamonds. It is vitally important for us to reward early adopters of Yuser and create blueprints that guide the distribution of our tokens moving forward.