Yuser Network
The Treasury will initially be used for allowing current users of the Yuser app to convert their Gem Stones to Gem Diamonds. With Yuser being the flagship application of the network, we believe it is important to reward long-term users of the application that have helped kick start the network. The Yuser Network will be issuing a one time conversion rate of 10,000 Gem Stones will be equivalent to $3 USD of the Yuser Gem Diamond on the token release date.
In the future the Treasury will be used for rewarding platforms on the Yuser Network that contribute to the positive growth of the network. The Treasury is also an intricate part of Polkadot's governance structure which the Yuser Network will adopt. The Treasury will not be used for direct financial gains for the Yuser Network. It will be used to give back to Yuser Network community!
Transaction fees across the Yuser Network will be put back into the treasury.
Last modified 4mo ago
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