Yuser Network


What is Yuser? 💯

The social networking protocol built for you – the Yuser. By making it easy for both users and developers to monetize social engagement alongside each other, Yuser will help onboard the next billion people into Web3.

Problem 😵

Have you ever made money from socials? Probably not. That's because the ad model behind these platforms doesn't align the interests of developers and users. Developers are forced to suppress their user traffic just so they can earn very little off of ads. On the flip side, users contribute to much of a platform's growth yet receive next to nothing on top of dwindling traffic returns.

Solution 👈

A protocol that empowers users and developers to easily monetize alongside each other. One that establishes a create-to-earn economy. Yuser enables creators to earn and seamlessly convert fans to collectors from day one. The Protocol allows developers to easily growth-hack communities by incentivizing users to join their app and then monetize together.