Yuser Network


Are you interested in becoming a Yuser ambassador? We're very happy to have you onboard!

Is Yuser ambassador program right for me?

If you like the Yuser app, want to spread the message about Yuser, get exclusive rewards and access to the Yuser team, then the Yuser Ambassador Program is right for you! Traditionally, Yuser ambassadors are more focused on promoting Yuser App and Yuser Network via channels associated with defi platform marketing eg. Telegram, Discord, Twitter, reddit rather than within the art communities. However, if you are an artist there is nothing stopping you from becoming part of the crew! Alternatively, you can also check out our Creator Program here.
Yuser ambassadors do many things from promoting Yuser in their native language communities, to being admins and moderators of Yuser's various social channels.

How do I become a Yuser ambassador?

Please review the Ambassador deck listed under "Ambassador Resources." You should find all the information required in there. If there is something that you're unsure about or have any questions please join our Discord and let us know!